Working Families

Our Priorities

Working Families

We invest in efforts to help families obtain stable, high-quality jobs.

Children are more likely to do well in school and life when their families are economically secure. This means that family members can find, apply for and obtain stable, high-quality jobs that pay living wages. In turn, families can save money and plan for the future, which adds up to greater opportunities for children.

Job Training, Access and Placement

Families work hard to support their children. In the United States, we are investing in effective job training programs, particularly in communities of color, that help low-income adults prepare for and get quality, high-demand jobs, so they can earn family-sustaining wages. This helps families get on the ladder to economic success and social mobility. This work also requires working with employers to ensure there are job opportunities available for people to contribute their talents and skills. At the same time, supporting entrepreneurship is essential. An added benefit of both is a boost to local economies.

In Mexico and Haiti, we help create income-generating opportunities for families, particularly in rural communities where conventional jobs are scarce and families must rely on the local economy. Our emphasis is on helping create sustainable agriculture and food systems, and supporting local small businesses and markets for traditional arts, crafts and other goods.

  • 2016 Grant Highlights
  • Caribbean Harvest Foundation

    Boukan Kare, Haiti | $535,436
    Create income-generating opportunities for vulnerable families in Boukan Kare through production and selling of tilapia that include farming, training in fish cage construction, cage cleaning, stocking, feeding, monitoring and harvesting.

  • Detroit Development Fund

    Detroit, Michigan | $450,000
    Provide post-loan technical assistance to entrepreneurs of color who are borrowers under the Entrepreneurs of Color Fund and who need training, skill sets and business expertise to keep their businesses growing and knowledgeable.

  • Harlem Business Alliance, Inc.

    New York, New York | $300,000
    Facilitate entrepreneurship for native-born, low-income Harlem women by teaching skills needed to start and grow a business and providing hands-on support with strategic planning, development and implementation.

  • Innovate-Educate

    Santa Fe, New Mexico | $1,500,000
    Develop a scalable, sustainable two-generation model for linking early education and care to employment for low-income families through partnerships between workforce investment boards and early care and education stakeholders.

  • Justine Petersen Housing and Reinvestment Corporation

    St. Louis, Missouri | $1,450,000
    Increase financial capability, awareness of self-employment opportunities and access to micro-loans for returning citizens with children to facilitate the successful transition from incarceration to income-generating opportunities.

  • National Domestic Workers Alliance, Inc.

    New York, New York | $1,050,000
    Enable the organization to achieve its mission of developing a leading voice for dignity and fairness for domestic workers through a variety of organizing, advocacy and education strategies by providing general operating support.

  • National Employment Law Project, Inc.

    New York, New York | $1,300,000
    Secure fair treatment for low-wage working parents of color by developing and testing a robust worker center technical assistance model in Mississippi and Louisiana and an enhanced narrative around race and employment in the American South.

  • Nusenda Federal Credit Union

    Albuquerque, New Mexico | $500,000
    Improve economic security of vulnerable children and their families in New Mexico to increase access to affordable capital of low-income entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs of color and immigrant families through developing and scaling innovative capital products by providing a program-related investment.

  • Universidad Intercultural Maya de Quintana Roo

    Jose Maria Morelos, Quintana Roo, Mexico | $176,640
    Contribute to strengthening melipones beekeeping as a sustainable source of income for families through the formation of Mayan leaders as promoters of the activity in the Yucat√°n Peninsula region.